About Monica Scott

Monica Scott grew up in a musical family where she learned to play the violin and the piano at an early age. Although she loved playing the violin, playing piano soon became her focus. Her love for music granted her the opportunity to study piano performance in college. She graduated college with a BS in Music. Writing music has always been a quiet hobby of hers and it took her many years to share her music with others. Composing music is one of Monica’s greatest passions and has been therapeutic to her throughout her life.  Monica’s first album is called “Reflections.” It is an album of solo piano compositions and arrangements.  Over the past couple of years, Monica has discovered a new love of writing songs- particularly children’s Christian songs.  She developed this new passion through involving her children in her music projects.  Since she spends most of her days surrounded by children, naturally she became gravitated towards writing music for children.  You can find sheet music to her songs and piano solos here on her website. You can listen to her music on her website, YouTube, iTunes, and Amazon.  Monica is a stay at home mom of 4 children and resides in Arizona.


“Your arrangements are heartfelt and truly beautiful. They are, indeed, reflective.”
–K. Newell Dayley

“Scott’s performances remain elegant and understated, defined by an overarching simplicity that speaks to her ability both as an arranger and pianist.” 
–R Legacy Entertainment