“Sariah’s Faith”–Sheet Music



FREE Flip chart for Sariah’s Faith HERE (with words included)

FREE Flip chart for Sariah’s Faith HERE (without words included)

FREE lesson plan to teach children Sariah’s Faith HERE

(Special thanks to Kristin B Hodson for sharing all of the above materials 🙂 )



Thank you so much for the HUGE support around Sariah’s Faith.  It is because of your support that children will get the opportunity to learn women in the gospel through song.  Because of Kristin and Monica’s goal to get this song to as many people as possible, we are making this a FREE download through the end of the year.  We hope that as Primary presidencies are choosing their songs for next year they will consider singing Sariah’s Faith in their ward.  SO please forward, tag, share, and spread the word so that 2019 has more visibility for women in the gospel.

You can listen to Sariah’s Faith HERE

You can read about the story behind Sariah’s Faith HERE