Christmas Songs about Jesus for CHILDREN

I LOVE Christmas music.

There is something so pure & sweet about children singing about the nativity story.

Over the past several years I have been writing my own children’s Christmas songs that I’d love to share!

Whether you are a parent or a choir director – I hope that you can find these songs meaningful and simple to teach your children.

When writing music I try to write music with lyrics that are simple & repetitive so that children can learn easily. 

Two of my children have been diagnosed with dyslexia – which is a learning disability in reading. Songs with a lot of words have been difficult for my own children to learn and so I always strive to write songs that ALL children are able to learn. 


“Peace, Peace

Prince of Peace

Healer of Men

Peace again! Peace!”



Starlight, Shining Bright

Lighting My Way

His Light, Shining Bright

Forever Will Stay


If I Were There

If I Were There was written with my talented songwriter friend Angie Killian

If I Were There, I’d Find that Manger

And Bow Before the tiny Savior

I’d Sense The Peace That filled the air

If I were There, If I were There


Little Lord Jesus

Lyrics by Angie Killian & Music by Angie Killian & Monica Scott

Jesus! Jesus! Little Lord Jesus

Bright as the star in the sky!

Jesus! Jesus! Little Lord Jesus

Glory to God on High!


In a Manger

Simple Christmas Song for Preschool Kids

Coming November 2023

Away in a Manger – Video & Arrangement

This was a fun video that I made with my children several years ago with family and friends. I hope that your children enjoy.

I hope that you found any of these songs or videos useful this holiday season. Feel free to share any of these videos with your children or church groups.

Let me know in the comments which song you enjoyed the most!