He Lives and He Loves Me

Last June, Monica Scott had the idea to write a song for her children to sing in church.  One morning during an early morning walk through the cemetery, Monica contemplated different ideas for the song.   While thinking of the song and the message of what the song to be about, this peaceful melody and the words “For I am a child of god, Child of a King” came into her head.  She hurried and recorded herself singing the tune to this serene melody and those words into her cell phone.  Once she was home she began playing it on the piano, but felt like it was missing something.

The next day, Monica happened to run into a friend who she hadn’t seen in awhile, Anji Branch, at their kids’ swim lessons! They began talking about their music writing hobbies when Monica shared this song that she was working on.  Anji immediately shared how she had always felt like there should be another “I am a child of God” song and was equally passionate about this project. Monica sent Anji the music to the verse and what she had written for “For I am a child of God, Child of a King”. Anji pulled it up the next morning and the rest of the lyrics to the song came through within about 45 minutes. Adding lyrics to the music Monica had created for the verse came through almost effortlessly. She shared them with Monica, and it was exactly what Monica had been wanting for the song.

That afternoon, Anji was sitting at her piano and playing what Monica had for the chorus. She felt the second phrase “child of a King” should hit a high note on King to relate that God is the highest, so she rewrote the music to the second line and then wrote the rest of the chorus to go with the lyrics she had written earlier that morning. Although reluctant to send the change, Anji sent the completed chorus to Monica to get her opinion. Monica shared it with our mutual and musically-gifted relative who liked the chorus, and the song was pretty much completed. Because it came out so quickly, they wanted to make sure nothing was missing, but were stumped. After a couple of months of playing around with additions, they took it to Greg Hansen who offered valuable feedback and said the addition was not necessary. They realized they were stumped because the song was already where it had needed to be.

Monica and Anji both credit Heavenly inspiration for the existence of this song and are grateful to have been vessels for it. 

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  1. I would love to add this to my 2018 Primary Program. Could I please get a copy of the piano music so we can practice it? Thank you so much for writing this beautiful song.

    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment. I am so happy that you will use He Lives and He Loves me for your primary program. The sheet music and audio are available in the SHOP section on my website. If you have any more questions, please email me at monicascottmusic@gmail.com Thank you! ~Monica

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