Thanksgiving Songs about Jesus for CHILDREN

Here are 3 sweet & meaningful Christian Thanksgiving songs to teach children to have gratitude & see the blessings that God has given them.

#1 – Thanks & Giving

“I’m counting blessings Every day, every day When the morning sun wakes up ‘Til the stars come out to play All the goodness that I see Is a gift from God to me” -Angie Killian


#2 – I am Thankful

“With an attitude of gratitude For blessings, big and small I’ll show gratefulness and thankfulness As I praise the Lord of all Hallelujah Hallelujah I am thankful”


#3- Thankful

For every good thing that I have comes from God
Every day, every hour
There are blessings He sends without number or end
If I counted a hundred or a thousand, I’m sure
There would still be more to be thankful for – Shawna Edwards


Christmas Songs about Jesus for CHILDREN

I LOVE Christmas music.

There is something so pure & sweet about children singing about the nativity story.

Over the past several years I have been writing my own children’s Christmas songs that I’d love to share!

Whether you are a parent or a choir director – I hope that you can find these songs meaningful and simple to teach your children.

When writing music I try to write music with lyrics that are simple & repetitive so that children can learn easily. 

Two of my children have been diagnosed with dyslexia – which is a learning disability in reading. Songs with a lot of words have been difficult for my own children to learn and so I always strive to write songs that ALL children are able to learn. 


“Peace, Peace

Prince of Peace

Healer of Men

Peace again! Peace!”



Starlight, Shining Bright

Lighting My Way

His Light, Shining Bright

Forever Will Stay


If I Were There

If I Were There was written with my talented songwriter friend Angie Killian

If I Were There, I’d Find that Manger

And Bow Before the tiny Savior

I’d Sense The Peace That filled the air

If I were There, If I were There


Little Lord Jesus

Lyrics by Angie Killian & Music by Angie Killian & Monica Scott

Jesus! Jesus! Little Lord Jesus

Bright as the star in the sky!

Jesus! Jesus! Little Lord Jesus

Glory to God on High!


In a Manger

Simple Christmas Song for Preschool Kids


Gloria! Gloria!

Jesus is born!

Gloria! Gloria!

Jesus is born,

In a Manger


Away in a Manger – Video & Arrangement

This was a fun video that I made with my children several years ago with family and friends. I hope that your children enjoy.

I hope that you found any of these songs or videos useful this holiday season. Feel free to share any of these videos with your children or church groups.

Let me know in the comments which song you enjoyed the most!

Walk With You

I wanted to share this video with you. It is different than the music videos that I love to create.

But I know that the message of this video is needed and so important for the world to hear. I hope that it reaches whomever needs to hear this message.

Walk With You has been a song that has impacted me since I was a little girl when I first learned it at church. The message of this song has always stuck with me.

If you don’t talk as most people do,
Some people talk and laugh at you.
But I won’t. I won’t.

I’ll walk with you, I’ll talk with you.
That’s how I’ll show my love for you.

Jesus walked away from none
He gave his love to everyone.
So I will! I will!

Jesus blessed all he could see,
Then turned and said, “Come follow me,”
And I will! I will!

I’ll walk with you, I’ll talk with you.
That’s how I’ll show my love for you.

Lyrics by Carol Lynn Pearson

Last year my friend Angie Killian were discussing songs we would like to arrange together and we were both were thrilled to add this song to our list of projects. We arranged music & created a special video to help teach children to learn this song.

Here is the finished product

Here is an ASL tutorial to help teach the song

Walk with You was written by Carol LynnPearson

The story behind her song is told here

I strongly believe that Teaching our children HOW to treat other children with disabilities can help to teach them empathy and unconditional LOVE which will help to change the world.

He Lives and He Loves Me

Words by Anji Branch

Music by Anji Branch & Monica Scott

Connect with Anji Branch…

Hymn Medley (Lord, I would Follow Thee, Where Can I Turn For Peace, I Need Thee Every Hour”


Hymn Medley-” Lord, I would Follow Thee, Where Can I Turn for Peace, I Need Thee Every Hour”


This was one of my first hymns I ever arranged.  Its funny because I never intended on sharing any of my music with the world. I was perfectly content with arranging hymns quietly in my living room. A few years ago, my family was in the process of making a huge decision of moving our young family from CA to AZ and my husband taking a new job. During this time a friend from church asked me if before we moved I would play the piano in sacrament meeting. She asked me if I could play “Where can I turn for peace?” I told her that I didn’t have time to look for an arrangement and so she smiled and challenged me to write one. I remember thinking “I can’t just write something this fast and then play it in front of my ward.”

Believe it or not I have a huge fear of playing in public. This has been one of my most difficult challenges in my passion for playing the piano. I get really bad anxiety when playing in front of others. People laugh sometimes when I say this because I CHOOSE to be a piano performance major in college AND now arrange and perform music as a profession but yet playing in front of people is one of my greatest fears! So, this is something that I am working to overcome every day. But, composing music besides being a wife and a mother is truly one of my greatest joys in my life and so I want to share it with others.

When I first starting writing this arrangement of “Where Can I Turn for Peace” I couldn’t get the words of “Lord, I would follow thee” and “I Need thee every hour” out of my head and so I decided to combine all three of these hymns. I believe that the message of the words of these three hymns go together. I know that our Heavenly Father is there for us in our times of trial and that He can bring the peace that we are seeking for.