What I Have Learned Raising Children With Autism

Many of you may not know that I have children diagnosed with Autism.

My friend Angie Killian and I are releasing an arrangement of a beloved song called “I’ll Walk With You” (written by Carol Lynn Pearson and Reid N. Nibley in 1987) and I can’t think of a better time to share this post. 

I’ll Walk With You Video

I’ll Walk With You

Over the past few years: 


▪️I have learned that once you have met one person with Autism you have met one person with Autism. My experience with Autism will NOT be the same experience as another person with Autism.

Photography by Andrew Branch

▪️I’ve learned it’s okay to be sad that this isn’t what was expected when we had children. It’s okay that there will be hard days. But don’t be sad for long because you’ll miss what’s right in front of you.


▪️I have learned who my people are.

Photographer Andrew Branch


▪️I’ve learned that it’s okay that my children with learning disabilities will struggle in academics. Most important to me is their emotional and mental health and self confidence.


▪️I’ve learned that not everyone will understand. People will judge. People will say stupid things. And that’s okay. They don’t know what I know. Give them grace and don’t become bitter.

▪️I’ve learned that some of the most brilliant and creative people in this world live in the realm of neurodiversity.

Photography by Andrew Branch


▪️I’ve learned that How I feel about Autism will affect how my children feel about Autism.


▪️I’ve learned that Hiring a parent advocate for IEP meetings was one of the the best things we have ever spent money on


▪️I’ve learned that my child is not a representation of me OR a reflection of what kind of parent I am.

▪️The most important thing I can do is love. Love my child and teach my children to love and have empathy. Be my child’s advocate and biggest supporter and cheerleader.


▪️I have learned to not be stuck in the “cants” – this will prevent them from doing what they can do. Help them to fly where they are at.

▪️Give grace to everyone who is doing the best that they can.


▪️I’ve learned that The day I stopped trying to fit into “the box” was the day that my perspective changed.


Autism is a huge part of my life – and I have learned to embrace that our household is different and honestly our home might be kinda boring without it.


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